Titlis glacier excursion

The 360° panoramic experience

The summit of the Titlis and its cableway terminus lie at an altitude of 3,020 m – high enough to guarantee snow all year round.

From Engelberg, the 8-seater TITLIS Xpress gondola cableway takes you straight to the Stand terminus, with the option of boarding or alighting at Trübsee along the way. You then change to the TITLIS Rotair, the aerial cableway featuring the world’s first rotating cable cars, which whisk you to your glacier experience. The journey is as much fun as the arrival – the cable cars rotate 360 degrees in the five minutes they take to reach the upper terminus. The views in all directions are stunning and peppered with snow-covered peaks, steep rocky flanks and deep crevasses.

Glacier fun

Discover the Glacier Cave and admire the solid ice and beautiful ice sculptures. Or grab a snow toy such as an inflated rubber ring and race down the slope. The Ice Flyer chairlift offers an altogether smoother experience: you sit comfortably while gliding over the glacier.

TITLIS Cliff Walk

The TITLIS Cliff Walk gives you a queasy feeling as you make your way across the highest-altitude suspension bridge in Europe above a 500-metre drop at an altitude of 3,041 metres.

Engelberg-Titlis offers more than brief moments of enjoyment – in summer, there is kick scooter riding, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking and countless other activities await you.
Titlis tip

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