Tell-Pass – Highlights you’ll never forget
Tell-Pass – Your Key to Central Switzerland

Making memories with the Tell-Pass

The Tell-Pass is your ticket to dizzying heights, extraordinary panoramic views and spellbinding boat rides. And, of course, memories you’ll never forget.

With its wealth of mountain peaks, world-famous sights and record-breaking railways and cableways, Central Switzerland is the perfect place to make new memories. And the pioneering, record-breaking modes of transport are something you definitely won’t forget in a hurry. Steeper, higher, more dramatic – yes, in Central Switzerland the highlights begin with your journey to the summit. The Tell-Pass includes trips on:

  • Rigi – Europe’s first mountain railway

  • Pilatus – the steepest cogwheel railway in the world

  • Titlis – the world’s first revolving aerial cableway

  • Stanserhorn – the first open-top aerial cableway

  • Stoos – the steepest funicular railway in the world

  • Brienz Rothorn – Switzerland’s only steam-powered cogwheel railway

  • Bürgenstock (Hammetschwand) – the highest outdoor lift in Europe

  • Lake Lucerne – the world’s biggest fleet of paddle steamer

Whether bus, rail, steamer or cableway – the Tell-Pass offers flexible and uncomplicated travel from highlight to highlight. Choose two, three, four, five or 10 consecutive days and use your Tell-Pass to make memories that will last for ever.

Free travel by train, bus, boat and numerous mountain railroads throughout Central Switzerland

Take a historic steamboat ride, then cap your excursion with a ride on the world’s steepest cogwheel railway or in the very first cable car with an open-top deck. The Tell-Pass is ideal for families, hikers and nature lovers.

Choose between two, three, four, five or ten consecutive days. The Tell-Pass lets you discover the Lake Lucerne Region – it's so easy to get around!

The Tell-Pass itself is something of a pioneer, too. A ticket like this, covering most of a region’s tourist travel, is a unique phenomenon in Switzerland.

Tell-Pass Summer: Booking / Prices

Family-friendly: Children can travel for an attractive fixed price of CHF 30.-*
Family Tip

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