UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch

The excursion world of the Entlebuch enchants with a unique variety of natural jewels

Seemingly endless moor landscapes, rugged cart fields and wild mountain streams provide insights and views of a special kind.

Switzerland's first biosphere reserve is home to natural beauty of the first order. Hardly any other region in Switzerland has as many natural treasures as the "Wild West" of Lucerne. Surrounded by mountains and wild rivers, it is a paradise for family vacations.

What makes this region so unique? Here, the locals maintain their traditions and at the same time are very innovative on the road. It is no coincidence that the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch is a pioneer in sustainability and the largest provider of natural history excursions in Switzerland. Whether for young or old - there is a lot to experience here.

Welcome to Sörenberg

The family-oriented vacation destination enchants with its unique surroundings as well as the highest Lucerne peak

While hiking you can discover the unique nature, the many protected moors and the unique karst landscape on the Schrattenfluh. Perhaps you will even spot a golden eagle or ibex. A first-class view awaits you on the highest Lucerne peak, the Brienzer Rothorn. The panoramic view of 693 mountain peaks as well as the turquoise shimmering Lake Brienz is simply a dream. Sörenberg is also a highlight for families and nature lovers in winter.

Did you know that...

...that no other region in Switzerland possesses as many natural treasures as Lucerne’s “Wild West”, located between Lucerne, Berne, and Interlaken.
Facts about the Unesco Biosphäre Entlebuch
Did you know...
...that Entlebuch was designated by UNESCO in 2001 as a biosphere reserve.
Facts about the Unesco Biosphäre Entlebuch
Did you know...
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